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    Learning OpenGL ES for iOS: A Hands-on Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming
    by Erik M. Buck
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Green-Screen Video Effects for iOS: Video Processing with OpenGL ES

Erik M. Buck's latest InformIT article has been posted. The article explains the implementation of real-time video effects processing using the Graphics Processing Unit. A demonstration Xcode project is available.

To apply a green screen effect, shoot a video with a solid colored backdrop. Video processing replaces the backdrop color wherever it can be seen with something else like the image of a weather map. When viewing the final result, action in the foreground appears to take place in front of a weather map that was never there. The demonstration app has been tested with an iPad 2 and an iPod Touch with retina display. It should run well on any iOS device with a camera. The demo doesn’t work in the simulator because the simulator doesn’t provide camera support.

Reader Comments (1)

I removed Green color from recorded video as well as live camera capturing using opengl in ios. I spent 10 days to remove green screen from recorded video and your example helped me lot to understand green screen . Live camera green screen i referred and it really really helped me to remove green color from my mp4 and mov videos .

Any help ready on gmail

thanks you very much
March 2, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterdevine

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