Cocoa Design Patterns
Learning OpenGL ES for iOS
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  • Cocoa Design Patterns
    Cocoa Design Patterns
    by Erik M. Buck, Donald A. Yacktman
  • Learning OpenGL ES for iOS: A Hands-on Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming
    Learning OpenGL ES for iOS: A Hands-on Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming
    by Erik M. Buck

Loading and Displaying COLLADA Models

COLLADAViewer2 Alpha contains an Xcode project with source code to parse COLLADA XML files and display 3D models. COLLADAViewer2 is the successor to the provided with the "Learning OpenGL ES for iOS" sample code. This article describes the content of COLLADA files and the features of the new viewer.

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Green-Screen Video Effects for iOS: Video Processing with OpenGL ES

Erik M. Buck's latest InformIT article has been posted. The article explains the implementation of real-time video effects processing using the Graphics Processing Unit. A demonstration Xcode project is available.

To apply a green screen effect, shoot a video with a solid colored backdrop. Video processing replaces the backdrop color wherever it can be seen with something else like the image of a weather map. When viewing the final result, action in the foreground appears to take place in front of a weather map that was never there. The demonstration app has been tested with an iPad 2 and an iPod Touch with retina display. It should run well on any iOS device with a camera. The demo doesn’t work in the simulator because the simulator doesn’t provide camera support.


Downloading Keynote Presentations Exported as HTML

Apple's Mac OS X security safeguards prevent Keynote presentations exported as HTML from working after download. This article describes a work-around to correct the problem and future enhancements Apple could provide.

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Exploring GLKit for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Apple introduced the GLKit framework for iOS 5 a year or so ago and now brought the technology to Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion. GLKit greatly simplifies programming with OpenGL ES and smooths over some of the differences between OpenGL ES versions making it easier to adopt the latest and greatest version. It also now makes porting from iOS to the desktop easier. To get started with GLKit on the desktop, I ported the example program from my InformIT article, Adding Open Source 3D Physics to Your iOS Applications, from iOS to Mac OS X.

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"Learning OpenGL ES for iOS" has shipped

Safari Rough Cut of "Learning OpenGL ES for iOS" has been replaced with the actual digital version. The book book is on sale at Siggraph next week. Amazon pre-orders should be fulfilled within the week as well.